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Joe Lockhart is a great politician who served as the 19th White House Press Secretary for years 1998 to 2000. After that, he became the national speaker, communication consultant etc. His name appears in the headlines because of his tweets and shared opinions on politics. People who want to contact Joe Lockhart can go through this article. From here, you will be able to access Joe Lockhart phone numbers, Joe Lockhart Whatsapp numbers, Joe Lockhart email ID, Joe Lockhart office address, Joe Lockhart residence address etc. Get more details of Joe Lockhart such as his official website and social profiles (if he has any) from the following article.

Joe Lockhart

Joe Lockhart was appointed as the19th White House Press Secretary in Aug 1998 under the presidency of Bill Clinton. After him, Jake Siewert was appointed as 20th White House Secretary in the year 2000. From the beginning of his career, he served the democratic political party. He worked as press secretary for a number of politicians such as Paul Simon, Michael Dukakis and Walter Mondale. Later in the year 2004, he was appointed as the special adviser to the presidential campaign of John Kerry. He is currently working as the Host of WMM Podcast at CNN.  More details about Joe Lockhart are available below. Other great leaders of USA are Larry Kudlow, Amy Klobuchar, William Barr, and Jay Inslee.

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Joe Lockhart Birth Name Joseph Patrick Lockhart
Joe Lockhart DOB July 13, 1959

Many people are not familiar with the complete name of this personality. His real name is Joseph Patrick Lockhart. In the year 1959, he was born on 13th of July.

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Joe Lockhart Personal Phone Number N/A
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None of the above personal and official contact numbers have been provided by Joe Lockhart.

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Joe Lockhart Personal Email ID N/A
Joe Lockhart Office Email ID N/A

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Joe Lockhart Residence Address New York, USA
Joe Lockhart Office Address CNN Office, USA

Joe Lockhart lives in New York. He is currently working as a host in CNN political show. You can contact his office members.

Official Website: N/A

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